SHACK TIME is a 27-minute video documentary program about the artist shacks in the dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore. First released in 2001, Shack Time was chosen for the New England Film and Video Festival and aired regionally on PBS. The program examines the cultural and natural history of the dunes and shacks, which have been visited by many well-known writers and artists in the 20th century as well as a number of other people who value the unique experience of solitude and nature provided by the shacks.

Shack Time includes rare photographs by Walker Evans: a stunning portrait of shack owner Hazel Hawthorne Werner, and Eugene O’Neill’s Lifesaving Station leaning into the Atlantic Ocean following a storm. Poet Cynthia Huntington and writer Annie Dillard read from their work, and there is a rare photograph of Jack Kerouac typing in the dunes.

DVD copies of Shack Time are available for $14.95 (price includes postage).

Send to: POB 41, Hatfield, MA 01038.

To pay online using PayPal, send an email to ShackTime2@verizon.net.


4 thoughts on “DVD

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  3. have enjoyed reading your words and looking at your work done in the dune shacks. wow, you are energetic. at 70 i have slowed down, and having just spent a week at C-Scape, seem to be even slower. I will order yr DVD. Be well. Susan Pope

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